10 Jun 2011

Lights Wonderland @ I-City Shah Alam

   I love this picture with the dinasour standing behind me..thats realy cool and its real... and its almost grab me !ahhhhhhhh....!!! hahah..just joking! if its real, i think i wont be so near with this species..So, this place name called I-CITY located at Shah Alam..This place a realy good place decorated with beautiful LED lightings.  Actually we are encouraged to visit to this place on 7th june by friend of my husband and he told us this area full of digital lighting and we can hang around there while having dinner.. Then once reach there all the way from Puchong.. I saw a sea of beautiful lights shining from a small hill just behind Sungai Rasau Toll Plaza along Federal Highway. It was a very pretty sight! I knew immediately that must be I-City for I’ve read 2 articles about I-City’s White Winter Wonderland recently at The Star newspaper..But but but... i never tought there is a lot of shop lots such as, shop selling all the lighting items, such as disco lights, laser, headband with blinking lights n lots more n the shop is save energy coz they no need to switch on their electricity..no wonder la, they already have lots of selling item to support the darkness. :)

Alright..lets have a look of some pictures taken by my friend and some i googled it just for ur viewing..believe me its realy cool!

i love this so much....can u imagine how beautiful is them in real..

beautiful christmas tree on june month....see the mixing of colours..gorgeous!!!

Lime tree in the midst of all this? uff..feel want to pick n eat coz look original!


                    Those LED  was bright and standing out on the night

                                  blue star..this look wonderful..source, google.

So, i guess u guys have gotten the imagination hows the place look alike.. i wish to go again but for sure i want to bring my sisters togather this time to look out the place. Despite it all, we had a great well-deserved dinner at Al-Rawsha Arabian Restaurant which i found the pure Kebab n bread, its realy tasty whe combined with my cocktail drink and ehemm ehemm...the price also outstanding ok!...i can feel the banana taste then mango part my part i drink..but we still missed out some places like snow walk, laser warzone..next time maybe to complete it!Last but not least, we have won 2 small toys before we end the journey by bought a token at a funfair games booth and the prizes from the “hook a duck” ! At the bottom of the duck have written the numbers and they will give the gift accordingly. haha..until the guys at the games counter said i have a luck in my hand..chewahh! haha.. 

So this is all about...Thanks for read this and dunt get too excited tau hehhe..Hope u will get there soon and enjoy ur moment by seeing thru ur own eyes.. love yah n catch u soon!


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