10 Jun 2011

Mini Pizza

 Anyone wanna give a try on this? it is super duper easy & simple. Of course u can make it ur own in 30 minutes duration..

The items
1.Green peas
2.Sausage (cut in round shape)
4.Parmessan Cheese / Single craft cheese
5.Pizza sause / Spaghetti Sause
6.Chopped tomatoes.

How To Do It ?
1. Mix ur green peas,sausage and tomato then well mix with the mayonise
2. Get a Gardenia bread..spread the sause on top of it and straight away put all   the mixture (tomato and etc) on top the sause
3.Spread the parmessan cheese on it
4.Baked until the cheese get melt under 160degrees.

Good luck & and enjoy ur meal!!! :-*

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